About Us

The Queensland family behind the ‘Out on the Patio’ chain of stores has been dealing in Outdoor Furniture for over 15 years. Our collective experience has seen various styles come and go and we know the importance of keeping our focus on maintaining a selection that reflects current trends. However, everyone has different ideas about what suits their home, their family and their lifestyle. So, within an overall style range we also strive to offer choice and flexibility and we focus not just on making sales but on assisting our customers to turn their visions into reality.

Wherever possible we will encourage customers to mix and match chairs and tables until they find the combination that best suits their needs. Try putting a Resin chair with a Stone table or a Wicker chair with a Teak table; it’s so exciting to create a stylish and functional setting that is all your own. Then co-ordinate it with a small “chat” setting or a comfortable Corner Lounge. Tie the whole suite together with colourful cushions, add accessories and create a combination and style unique to your home, something that reflects your individual taste and meets your lifestyle. 

At ‘Out on the Patio’ we pride ourselves on supplying Australian homes with quality outdoor furniture that will live well in our harsh conditions. We search among the factories of Europe, China, Vietnam and Indonesia to find the best value and the best range for our local customers. That range includes furniture made in Teak, Aluminium, Wicker, Stone and Resin so we are confident that we can offer something to suit everyone. We stock many lines that combine materials to create attractive designs that also offer superior, long-lasting quality.

The teams at ‘Out on the Patio’ are trained to ask as many questions as possible to discover what is important to you, the customer. Size of family, style of home, what space is available, all these things help us to offer products that will do the job for you. We believe that every outdoor area, however small, has the potential to be the focal point of a home. With input from our experienced staff we aim to help our customers turn that area into the best room in the house. Whether it’s a family get-together, a special occasion or an intimate dinner for two, there is nowhere better to celebrate than in your outdoor area. And when it comes to finding attractive, functional furniture for it, we believe there is nowhere better than ‘Out on the Patio’.

‘Out on the Patio’ carries many products suitable for the commercial market. We supply to holiday resorts, schools, body corporates, hospitality areas and of course to cafes and restaurants. Nardi resin products from Italy are a popular choice for these areas as they are colourful, hard-wearing, low maintenance and very durable. Nardi resin contains an anti-UV agent which ensures that their colour is retained even after long hours under our harsh sun. Every item can be purchased separately and ordered direct from Italy to meet the specific needs of our commercial customers.


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