Pick-a-bonus Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
1. Pick-A-Bonus! Promotion not available in conjunction with any other offer including Interest Free finance.
2. Bonus Offers are not redeemable for cash or further discount.
3. Bonus Offers are not transferable and must be redeemed within 2 weeks of purchase date or
on or before 31st July when purchasing less than 2 weeks prior to promotion end date.
i.e. Bonus Offers cannot be redeemed on future purchases
4. Bonus Offers are not valid with purchases finalised prior to the Pick-A-Bonus promotion and are only valid with new purchases made on or before 31st July 2018.
5. Customers may choose one Bonus Offer for every $1000 spent.
i.e. Spend must equal or exceed full $1000 increments and cannot be redeemed on purchase amounts lesser than $1000 increments.
6. Customers may choose the same Bonus Offer more than once
i.e. Customer may spend $3000 and select to take $300 worth of cushions
7. Total spend is valid for furniture, accessories and bleeding & oiling service on Kwila products and excludes delivery and assembly fees.
8. Bonus Offer of ‘Free Assembly’ is valid for any aluminium, wicker, stone or teak settings.
Excludes Kwila furniture requiring bleeding and oiling service.
9. Bonus Assembly service applies per setting.
i.e. Customers purchasing 2 settings requiring assembly would need to use 2 bonuses
10. Bonus Assembly service may not be completed at the time of delivery by our staff, but rather booked with a third party contractor for assembly after the goods are delivered. Please allow 2 business days following delivery for assembly works to be completed. The contractor will contact the customer directly to book a convenient time for assembly. This will especially apply when the goods have been scheduled for delivery with our Couriers who do not complete assembly works (excludes A & E). The Delivery schedule will reflect when a third party contractor has been engaged for assembly works.
11. Bonus Assembly services do not include the unwrapping of pre-assembled items such as chairs, cushions etc.
12. Prior to booking deliveries that include assembly or are floor stock, a check of the Delivery schedule is necessary to determine if there are any restrictions on any days as added by Operations.
13. If delivery fee is greater than Bonus Offer of $90 included delivery, $90 will be deducted from the total delivery fee.
14. Bonus offer of $100 worth of cushions cannot be deducted from total Invoice spend.
i.e. Customer must select additional cushions to the value of $100.
15. Bonus offer of $100 worth of homewares cannot be deducted from total Invoice spend.
i.e. Customer must select additional homewares to the value of $100.
16. In the event delivery of goods is to take place after 31st July 2018, Bonus Offers for services including
‘Free Delivery’, ‘Free Assembly’ and ‘Free Removal of Old Setting’ are still valid on the provision that the purchase of goods is finalised on or before 31st July 2018.
17. Redemption of Bonus Offers must be recorded on the Tax Invoice at time of purchase.