Milano - 3 Piece 1.8m Bench Setting

by Out on the Patio
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The Milano 3 Piece Bench Setting is constructed from beautiful Karri Gum timber, one of the strongest timbers in the world. Commonly used for outdoor furniture, Karri Gum is resistant to attack from fungi and insects including termites and marine borers. While most timbers require a curing process involving continual hosing and drying to leach saps, Karri Gum is completely cured and ready for use straight away with no risk of leaching.

For longevity and minimal maintenance, it is recommended that Karri Gum timber be stored under cover when not in use and oiled twice a year with a UV protective oil, available from most hardware stores.

Colours: Karri Gum
Materials: Karri Gum timber 
Table: 180 L x 103 W x 76.5cm H
Bench: 160 L x 34 W x 46.5cm H
Warranty: 1 Year
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